Our future is an unknown, requiring new thinking and novel solutions for the challenges ahead. We believe that students do not need to wait until they ‘finish school’ to make a positive difference in the world and view education as a key influencer in the future of our planet.

With passion and professionalism, ISMOTION provide educational services and programs that create the capacity for positive futures.

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.
Rabindranath Tagore


Our interactive and multimedia presentations always inspire an audience.

We have spoken at conferences and events around the world on topics of sustainability, technology, learner-driven pedagogies, experiential learning, and educational change.

Additionally, we create online spaces including resources and opportunities for discussion following our speaking engagements to support participant action.

Kristina changed the way I look at myself as a teacher. I wish we could all teach this way. So inspiring.
AIS Conference Participant, Sydney

Experiential Pedagogies & Australian Curriculum

Our Future Leaders workshop develops teacher capability to recognise and unleash the potential of their students.

This hands-on workshop will provide teachers the tools and strategies proven to accelerate student-confidence, engagement, and ability.

With a seamless integration of the Australian Cross-Curriculum priorities, teachers will be able to implement the tools and strategies in any subject area immediately following the workshop.

I was very impressed with the seamless integration of technology to greatly assist the clear communication of your message, there is so much potential here to help engage children in meaningful experiences that will hopefully lead to real action and change.
Workshop Participant, Melbourne

Education Consulting

We partner with leading schools to support culture change in teaching and learning.

Our customised approach is unique in providing efficient and effective individualised support for each client. Our methods rely on proven case studies, current research and solution focused perspectives.

We are proud to be working alongside leading schools and learn from each relationship to evolve our methods and ensure the best service and outcomes.

The step by step support in understanding and implementing this process was well illustrated. Thank you for challenging me and showing me some amazing possibilities.
Cymantha Cantrill, Deputy Principal

Classroom Consultants

This is a brand new, and blazingly innovative learning program. Essentially, we capture sustainability challenges from industries and facilitate insightful solutions through education. Our mission is to bring the real-world into the classroom by providing students with relevant, engaging real-world problems currently occurring in diverse industries. This program is the first of it’s kind in the world and brings student voice to the global sustainability conversation in a way that influences proactive change.

Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning is for those who want to engage in a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use daily to solve real-world problems through efforts in their homes, schools, and communities.

Follow the journey of a grade six class from Duffy Primary School as they trial the approach.

Our four-chapter course is now available on iTunes U. This course is supported by a Google Community, ‘Challenge Based Learning – Australia‘, to engage and collaborate with other educators.

I’m glad this existed. I’m starting to imagine things to make the world a better place.Grade Six Student

Challenge Based Learning is a way to engage, connect and transform student thinking.Cymantha Cantrill, Deputy Principle

Apple Professional Development

ISMOTION is an accredited Apple Professional Development provider in Australia, read more to download the catalog and browse available workshops.

We are especially passionate about Challenge Based Learning.

Challenge Based Learning is for educators interested in multidisciplinary approaches that encourage students to engage the technology they use daily to solve real-world challenges.

I enjoyed being exposed to new forms of ICT and having the opportunity to play around with these platforms and devices. Inspires me to try a new approach in my classroom, to have a more open ended learning program.
CBL Workshop Participant

Adventure Learning

The To Learn series leverages technology and adventure to explore sustainable and humane solutions to the challenges of our time. The series uses an Adventure Learning pedagogy which provides learners with opportunities to explore real-world issues through authentic learning experiences within collaborative online learning environments.

Adventure learning is designed to inspire real-world engagement and a passion for learning in young people. Each To Learn program features an extreme adventure with learning opportunities. Sail To Learn investigates ocean biodiversity and plastics with the TOPtoTOP expedition. Surf To Learn will examine alternative energy solutions with an epic pro surf adventure. Ride To Learn explores supply chain sustainability with a global bicycle circumnavigation, World By Cycle.

The inaugural To Learn education program, Ride To Learn, is a recognised activity of the United Nations’ Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005- 2014), and supports the achievement of curriculum learning objectives in the context of exploring real-life challenges facing communities around the globe. The program features on iTunes U, Taking It Global and is partnered with the Learning Technologies Media Lab and the Institute for Humane Education.

Adventure Based Learning

The Future Leaders developed from our passions and understanding that being outdoors and active fosters self-confidence and personal growth. We facilitate meaningful adventures that challenge participants and develop their connections with themselves, others and nature. Connections that build leadership capacity and skills needed for their future. A ‘Rite of Passage’ in the modern day.


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