Strategic Conversation

Almost every conversation you have with us will be strategic. As we explore your situation with you we are continually listening for the unique nuances of your challenges and opportunities, which will be critical in ensuring we ask the right questions to focus you and your team and to ultimately drive the best outcomes.

As an entry-level service that we have continually refined a 2-hour strategic conversation that punches well above its weight for outcomes. You may have come across this process on our blog or LinkedIn which includes the below description while also sharing 3 real client examples we had delivered in one week at the beginning of 2018.

By all means, we would encourage you to adapt and use the below structure wherever you can, however, our ability to ask the right questions, to be truly neutral, and to drive progress and collective engagement on the conversation is what creates the fundamental step change beyond your team running with it themselves.

The base structure of the session is as follows:

  1. (10 mins) Set the focusing challenge: for a team this could be ‘how will we deliver successfully in 2018’ or a more specific ‘how will we grow our portfolio by 30% in 2018’, whatever it is it can be useful to set the parameters for the session.
  2. (30 mins) Where are we now: in the context of the focusing challenge take some time to individually reflect on where you believe we are now, what is working well, and what is not working, what are our limitations, what assets do we have that we can leverage. After reflecting individually, share your perspectives amongst the group.
  3. (30 mins) Describe your ideal future: take a mental leap 12 months forward in time and describe as vividly as possible what it is like being there. What do you notice is different, who are you working with, what new relationships exist, how are you things differently and what has that enabled you to achieve. Again this is worth taking some time to reflect individually before sharing with the group and ultimately synthesising your responses.
  4. (40 mins) What do you need to put in place: with your shared view of a successful 12 month time horizon now you will need to identify the things you need to put in place (people, tools, technology, processes, decisions) in order to achieve success. Ask yourself ‘what are the enablers that will make this possible?’ And begin to sequence these into priorities – I would suggest by quarter-year.
  5. (20 mins) 30 days of action! All this great thinking and alignment is at significant risk of loss if we don’t move to action before leaving the room. In order to speed you into the delivery I suggest looking at your sequenced priorities and identifying the actions you will need to take in the next 30 days to progress these. This avoids getting caught in too much detail while making the plans you’ve come up with real for people. Make sure you identify who will drive progress on each action, we want individual names!

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