What is it

Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organisation. It helps organisations develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing problems.

ISMOTION has accredited coaches in Action Learning.

Why we use it

Action Learning solves problems and develops leaders simultaneously because its simple rules force participants to think critically and work collaboratively. Action Learning is particularly effective for solving complex problems that may appear unsolvable. It elevates collaboration, creativity, and the courage of groups.

How it works

The Action Learning coach assists group members in reflecting on the advancement of their group functioning, rather than on their problem solving. In this way, Action Learning participants become effective leaders as they solve difficult problems.

Action Learning Sets

Consist of between four to eight people, with six an ideal number and a facilitator.

Sessions run for two – three hours depending on the participation size with a cadence of meeting every four to six weeks. Each member of the session has an opportunity to explore a challenge and resolve it. This is one of five founding Action Learning Principles:

Those who take responsibility in a challenging situation, have the best chance of positively impacting and resolving the challenge.

Individuals are able to take responsibility for their challenges and develop a set of actions through curious questioning from their peers. Peers may be from different branches of the organisation or of different levels within a team, equality amongst set members is important and not only brings in divergent perspectives but has benefits to collaborative culture.

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