What is it

MAP systemises the measurement, tracking and prediction of team performance. This enables investors, boards and senior executives to measure leadership capability and ultimately to create the conditions for high-performance organisations.

ISMOTION is a Founding Partner with MAP Behavioural.

Why we use it

MAP is an innovative platform that provides deep and actionable insights in remarkably short timeframes. Built on empirically tested science, MAP enables us to design the best-fit development pathways for your success, whether that involves decisions about membership to the executive team or development for individuals or the collective team.

How it works

MAP applies data-science, through a combination of self-assessment and gamification, to assess and address areas of development that are critical to a high-performance team. There are three stages to the MAP Experience:

  1. Survey – we test stated-preference behaviours
  2. Measure – we systematise, track and predict team dynamics using MAP’s behavioural science measurement platform
  3. Develop – we advise and support on development pathways and leadership decisions


  • The Influence of Mindset and Science of Resilience
  • Social and Emotional Learning (Empathy) at Work
  • Discussion & Openness: Building Psychological Safety
  • Discussion & Openness: Communication Skills

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