For senior executives, we offer a quarterly coaching commitment that allows you to take stock of where you are today, to reset your compass to achieve greater fulfilment and to embed habits and structures that will set you on the path to your desired experience of life.

Keep reading below to learn more about our approach and when you’re ready, we believe a good ‘ol fashion conversation and the ability to eyeball your counterparts is a necessary step in finding value-alignment and articulating the options to move forward.

Nic’s ability to respectfully challenge strongly held views, expand perspective and reframe situations helped me break through a ceiling that I wasn’t aware I was putting on myself


Danielle Mesa

Chief Human Resource Office

Nic inspired me to think differently about what winning means. A new focus on balance and sustainable cadence with my collaborators is yielding a happier, healthier me, richer relationships and more compassionate life.


Tom Grosskopf

Executive Director

In your first quarter we will:

  • Leverage personality profiling to understand both your own style and how others experience you in different aspects of your life.
  • Take stock of your current values through guided activities and questioning.
  • Explore the terrain between your current and desired experience, to identify key areas of focus.
  • Embed your personal system for peak performance.
  • Learn and test methods to improve your influence with yourself and others. 

What you can expect from us:

  1. Fortnightly conversations with your dedicated coach to guide you through program elements, to hear and reflect back what’s on your mind, and to explore strategies with you as you rise with your aspirations.
  2. Availability for additional conversations where you wish to explore a specific situation or question.
  3. Feedback, in the form of clarifying questions, on your monthly and quarterly reflections.
  4. Response to email questions in a timely manner; in general, 24 hours however if you indicate a more pressing matter we will do our best to accommodate your required timing.

What’s expected of you:

  1. Say what you mean, mean what you say (honesty).
  2. Do what you say you will do (commitment).

Your quarterly financial investment includes:

  1. Online tools, digital copies of materials and a personalised journal
  2. Six (6) coaching conversations, conducted bi-monthly (60 minutes each)
  3. Three (3) additional conversations (60 minutes each)
  4. Review of your monthly and quarterly reflections
  5. Nudges to keep you accountable to your commitments

For a total of AUD4,350.00* per quarter, or payable monthly at AUD1,500.00* per month. 

Your minimum expected time investment will be two (2) hours per week spanning:

  1. Weekly rapid-reflection on status
  2. Bi-monthly conversations including preparation and reflection
  3. Monthly short-form reflection on progress
  4. Quarterly medium-form reflection on progress

Plus additional time for the practice of habits agreed and/or completion of activities identified through coaching dialogue.

* Pricing exclusive of GST.