Our Story

Established in 2011 by Nicolas and Kristina Rivers with a mission to contribute to a better world.


was leading organisational reviews and transformation programs for top tier clients in financial services, energy and mining.


had worked internationally in the public sector with a focus on policy and programs for youth development.

What both shared was a view that all people want to do good yet the structures they operate within often shape very different outcomes, too often restricting people's ability to grow and contribute in the best ways, focusing on short-term results over long-term value and impact.

Both moved to create a positive impact in others, ISMOTION was born.

What's in the name

Life is continually changing, life is movement, life is motion. We push the boundaries of what's possible while remaining true to our values and vision.


Our Values


with heart, we connect to all people and our planet


with curiosity, we uncover unique insight


with ambition, we take action on our mission


we dare to seek new possibility