Peter Colacino, Chief Policy and Research Officer at Infrastructure Australia

By April 24, 2020No Comments

Peter Colacino leads Infrastructure Australia’s Policy and Research team and is tasked with defining an infrastructure reform agenda to enhance quality of life and productivity in Australia’s growing cities and regions.

Getting Stuff Done in Government. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of people in Government who punch above their weight, who get stuff done.

People who address the needs of today with an eye on problems of the future; who gain traction and shape vision. Peter Colacino, Chief of Policy and Research at Infrastructure Australia, is one of those people.

In this conversation, Peter shares some of his personal philosophy and practical tips on achieving success, such as ensuring the problems you solve are problems of your customers or communities (and not just your bosses!?), as well as aligning your personal purpose with your work.

He talks about examples of projects at Keolis Downer and Transurban that were successful because they aligned their organisational strengths with problems the Government wanted to be addressed. He talks about characteristics that create great teams and touches on what it means to achieve successful reform.