The future has many names. For the weak, it’s unattainable. For the fearful, it’s unknown. For the bold, it’s ideal.

Victor Hugo

Many are feeling the intensity of 2019 already; like 2018 just seemed to ramp up and roll into the new year.

What happened to the age-old Australian pattern of a down-cycle between Melbourne Cup and Australia Day? That period when we focus more on connecting and celebrating – with our teams, our clients, our family, and ultimately setting up for the new year – rather than delivering on emerging commitments that never relent.

If there is a signal coming through this noise I’ll bet it’s a signal that could make the difference in how you lay the foundations for success tomorrow, and how you decide where you put your focus today.

It’s a signal for you* to stop.

To take stock and ask yourself about what really matters. To ask yourself whether what you are doing today is in alignment with what matters. To ask yourself whether you are finding the rhythm in your life and showing up in your best possible state.

No doubt your answers to these questions will reflect on how you are showing up right now, what you are contributing, and the experiences you are having of life. Not only at work but for yourself, your friends and your family. 

Those who will thrive in 2019 will have clarity on what they are setting out to achieve and create daily habits to bring that sense of clarity to life. To cut through the noise and focus on what matters. They will truly connect with what they do and who they spend time with.

And I know that all of these factors are well within your reach.

My question to you is: are you in an environment where you are regularly in a state of peak-performance and moving closer to your ‘ideal’? 

This is the conversation I’d like to have with you..

..and I have to share that I am very excited about the investments I’ll be focused on this year: from working with those in government and industry who are shaping the cities we live in, to expanding inclusive leadership practice in large enterprise, and an extra-special something I’m working on to expand the definitions of successfor executive males.

Through all of this, I will be continuing to adopt the practices of the most effective people in the world, not only to test and learn what works for me but to weave them into my work in ways that will ultimately increase the impact for my clients and collaborators.

I hope you’ll be joining me on this journey and let us make 2019 our best year yet,